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Kieslowski , Preisner
Trois Couleurs Blanc (Bande Originale Du Film)


Because Music BEC5156049
MK2 BEC5156049

Classical Stage & Screen
A1 The Beginning (1:17)
A2 The Court (1:04)
A3 Dominique Tries To Go Home (1:14)
A4 A Chat In The Underground (2:11)
A5 Return To Poland (1:26)
A6 Home At Last (1:23)
A7 On The Wisla (1:12)
A8 First Job (0:49)
A9 Don't Fall Asleep (0:46)
A10 After The First Transaction (1:21)
A11 Attempted Murder (1:23)
A12 The Party On The Wisla (1:49)
B13 Don Karol I (0:53)
B14 Phone Call To Dominique (0:37)
B15 Funeral Music (1:30)
B16 Don Karol II (0:54)
B17 Morning At The Hotel (2:26)
B18 Dominique's Arrest (1:48)
B19 Don Karol III (1:25)
B20 Dominique In Prison (2:25)
B21 The End (2:27)
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