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Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds


PLZ Make It Ruins PLZ025

Electronic Hip Hop
A1 Blue Verb (2:23)
A2 Nauseous / Devilish (2:28)
A3 That Ain't No Dang Cat! (1:36)
A4 Aspenz (2:38)
B1 Cowboy Allstar (4:12)
B2 Thoughts Of Offing One (2:04)
B3 Debold (2:44)
B4 Fake Life (3:15)
C1 I Don't Owe U NYthing (1:57)
C2 Fire Like Tyndall (2:17)
C3 Unknown, Forever Unknown (2:22)
C4 Retro OTW (2:38)
D1 When I Strike... (2:40)
D2 You Owe Me (2:58)
D3 It's Nice To Be Alive (3:26)
D4 Blue Verb Reprise (2:12)
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