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Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares

(2xLP) (Emerald Wizard)

Numero Group NUM068

Hard Rock Acid Rock Psychedelic Rock
A1 Xarhanga – Acid Nightmare
A2 Novaks Kapelle – Hypodermic Needle
A3 Whistler's Mother – Dark Dawn
A4 Brass Alley – Pink Pills
A5 Gift – Drugs
B1 Supa Chief – Red Brained Woman
B2 TNS – Times Up
B3 Acid – Acid
B4 Sardonicus – Evaporated Brain
B5 Mass Temper – Grave Digger
C1 Goliath – Dead Drunk Screamin
C2 Bulbous Creation – Hooked
C3 The Ritual – Speed Freak
C4 Gollum – Prayer of Despair
D1 The Crossblood Experiment – Orange Sunshine
D2 The Purple Sun – Dooms Day
D3 The Shy Guys – Black Lightning Light
D4 Sunn Cycle – Acid Raga
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