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The Roots Of Rock'N Roll


Savoy Records SJL 2221

Jazz Blues
Jump Blues Rhythm & Blues
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A1 We're Gonna Rock We're Gonna Roll (2:36)
A2 Bubbles (3:07)
A3 35-30 (3:11)
A4 The Hucklebuck (3:05)
A5 Cornbread (2:54)
A6 Deacon's Hop (2:47)
A7 Hot Rod (2:46)
A8 Rib Joint (2:38)
B1 Head Hunter (3:00)
B2 Helpless (3:03)
B3 Cupid's Boogie (2:34)
B4 Don't Be Angry (2:24)
B5 Piddly Patter (2:02)
B6 Deedle I Love You (2:23)
B7 You Made Me Cry (2:16)
B8 You're Down With Me (2:34)
C1 Misery (2:42)
C2 Lover's Lane Boogie (2:36)
C3 Lost In A Dream (3:06)
C4 Mercy Mr. Percy (2:47)
C5 Promise Mr. Thomas (2:35)
C6 Candy (2:37)
C7 Ring Dang Dilly (2:15)
C8 Mean To Me (2:26)
D1 Old Man River (2:56)
D2 Count Every Star (2:53)
D3 Marie (2:51)
D4 Double Crossing Blues (2:45)
D5 If I Didn't Love You (3:10)
D6 Our Romance Is Gone (2:32)
D7 It's Written In The Stars (2:30)
D8 Bad Boy (2:50)
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