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A Single History 1991 - 2001


Numero Group 1297

Hardcore Noise Punk Indie Rock
A1 You Speak Jelousy
A2 Stumbling Block
A3 Crab Nebula
A4 Caterpillar
A5 Miserific Condition
A6 Eternalux
A7 New Radio Hit
B1 Broken E-Strings
B2 Totality
B3 Mkultra
B4 Negated
B5 Said Serial
B6 Census
B7 Plight
C1 Seen Not Heard
C2 Mile Me Deaf
C3 Solo Sonata
C4 The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train
D1 Corpse Pose
D2 Everything Is Weird
D3 Torch Song
D4 Lazslo
D5 Behold The Salt
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