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Music Compilation "12 Dances"


Stroom STRLP-029

Electronic Pop
Ambient Experimental Tribal
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A1 Emulation Of History (Disguised Drums) (5:49)
A2 Phob (3:48)
A3 Urania (Time Lecture) (4:18)
A4 Barely Rarely (2:16)
A5 TZAMA (3:10)
A6 TG33 Walk (4:08)
B1 Random Blunt / Elisian Park Stroll (4:27)
B2 Planet Subaru Alley (3:10)
B3 Shadow Expert II (4:51)
B4 Babies Lviv (Regular) (4:24)
B5 POR (3:38)
B6 Mersh Night Sleep (Censored) (2:32)
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