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Trey Gruber
Herculean House of Cards

(2xLP) (Fool's Gold)

Numero Group NUM1273

Indie Rock Folk Rock
A1 Eisenhower to the West Side (2:39)
A2 Do You Feel Fine (2:32)
A3 Guillotine (1:45)
A4 Same (2:37)
A5 Money's Ran Off (1:17)
A6 Pray to Christ in Heaven (3:23)
A7 No Man for No Home (3:15)
A8 Last July (2:21)
B9 Sister Say (5:14)
B10 Dirt (2:40)
B11 I Tried (3:01)
B12 Summer City (2:38)
B13 Jess (3:13)
C14 Stay in Line (4:06)
C15 Get Your Fix (3:04)
C16 On Fear (3:46)
C17 Momma's Way (3:38)
C18 Herculean House of Cards (3:04)
C19 The Leaving (3:12)
D20 In Between (3:28)
D21 Ain't Nobody's Fault (2:49)
D22 Fool's Gold (2:18)
D23 Even Jesus Christ Had Died (3:33)
D24 Eisenhower to the West Side (Ballad Reprise) (3:32)
D25 Hammer Out the Edges (6:16)
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