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The Hers
Tough Cunt


Sex Lies Magnetic Tape CASSEX 001

Ambient Experimental
A1 Baby Came Out Like Good Gear In The Sun (6:35)
A2 I Took On Petrol So The Church Got Rubbed Out (4:02)
A3 Super 32 (3:51)
A4 Elsie Got Tar Sunglasses (4:08)
A5 Earth Household (5:24)
B1 Tony (11:10)
B2 We Are Over The Kop (4:25)
B3 Everyone Gets Everything He Wants (6:27)
B4 You Will Not Remove Shit (2:52)
B5 How Night Works On The World (2:03)
B6 Here I Come Again (3:52)
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