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The Ephemeron Loop
Psychonautic Escapism


Heat Crimes HC001

Electronic Rock
Ethereal Experimental Gabber Harsh Noise Wall Dark Ambient
A1 Psychonautic Escapism (Cold Alienation) (16:10)
A2 Acetoxyhexorchid I (Cluster Phase) (06:33)
B1 Lattice Dysmorphism of Lysothymic Oneiroid Cytoterrain (09:00)
B2 Ultraviolet Circumzenithal Arc (03:33)
C1 Trench Through Pink Death (13:41)
C2 Acetoxyhexorchid II (Dispersed Phase) (07:06)
D1 Sirencipher Eidolon in Chimeric Photisms (Cascade Xenofluora Entwining) (13:08)
D2 Sun Shimmer Repeater (7:50)
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