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The Creation
Our Music Is Red - With Purple Flashes


Edsel Records DIAB 857
Demon Records DIAB 857

Pop Rock Mod Psychedelic Rock
1 Making Time
2 Try And Stop Me
3 Painter Man
4 Biff Bang Pow
5 If I Stay Too Long
6 Nightmares
7 Cool Jerk
8 Like A Rolling Stone
9 I Am The Walker
10 Can I Join Your Band
11 Hey Joe
12 Life Is Just Beginning
13 Through My Eyes
14 How Does It Feel To Feel (US Version)
15 How Does It Feel To Feel (UK Version)
16 Tom Tom
17 Midway Down
18 The Girls Are Naked
19 Bony Moronie
20 Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
21 For All That I Am
22 Uncle Bert
23 Ostrich Man
24 Sweet Helen
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