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The Attack
About Time! (The Definitive MOD-POP Collection 1967-1968)


RPM Records RPM BC 317
Bam-Caruso Records KIRI 121

Garage Rock Pop Rock Psychedelic Rock Mod
1 Any More Than I Do
2 Feel Like Flying (Aka Making It)
3 Created By Clive
4 Try It
5 Go Your Way
6 Too Old
7 Colour Of My Mind
8 Lady Orange Peel
9 Sympathy For The Devil
10 Neville Thumbcatch
11 Strange House
12 Created By Clive
13 Mr Pinnodmy's Dilemma
14 Come On Up
15 Freedom For You
16 Hi Ho Silver Lining
17 Magic In The Air (Aka Watch With Mother)
18 Anything
19 We Don't Know
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