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Suso Saiz
Nothing Is Objective


Music From Memory MFM040

Experimental Ambient
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A1 Meccano (3:28)
A2 Anti-Stress For Babies And Families (8:00)
A3 Con Los Ojos (3:54)
A4 Abrazo MIrando (5:14)
B1 Mexican Bells (For Jorge Reyes) (9:30)
B2 Grounded (8:18)
B3 Minimal Distance (3:02)
C1 Una Voz (3:55)
C2 Objective Void (3:27)
C3 Dulce (With Christian Fennesz) (6:04)
C4 Healthy Digestion (3:05)
C5 Scrub Your Ego (1:54)
C6 Forma Horizonte (2:59)
D1 Frogs In Love (6:26)
D2 From Memory (7:43)
D3 Nothing Ends 2018 (6:26)
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