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Allchival ACSLPx2

Electronic Rock
Synthwave New Wave Experimental Alternative Rock
A1 Room (2:53)
A2 Emma Wild (4:03)
A3 Melting Grey (4:50)
A4 Dream And The Little Girl Lost (5:25)
B1 Majestic Of Majesty (3:49)
B2 Kissing Trees (4:18)
B3 Yellow Canary Car (5:31)
B4 When Life Slips Away (5:24)
B5 Hayley (Journeys Outside My Body) (4:22)
C1 Fire Caught In The Rain (4:36)
C2 Ascendancy (6:11)
C3 Singular Of The Dark (5:37)
C4 Cry Across The Sea (5:34)
D1 Brook (3:32)
D2 Bleeding Horse (6:16)
D3 Drain Puppet (4:40)
D4 Chaplin (5:17)
D5 When You're In Love (The Bathroom) (3:56)
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