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Romain Azzaro Presents:
Colours Of Now


Rouge Mécanique Musique RM.05

Electroacoustic Ambient Experimental
A1 Abyss (09:32)
A2 Chloé's Dream Machine Pt.1 (02:20)
A3 Chloé's Dream Machine Pt.2 (03:10)
A4 Chloé's Dream Machine Pt.3 (03:13)
A5 Solstice D'hiver (02:43)
B1 Catharsis (05:32)
B2 The GrassHopper (02:26)
B3 From Carnival to Quarantine (05:11)
B4 The Black Curtain (02:01)
B5 Tente Natalie (08:10)
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