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Robert Klein
Mind Over Matter

(LP) (Sonic Pressing)

Brut Records BRUT 6600

Non-Music Pop
A1 The Final Record Offer (1:18)
A2 Fred Capossella (1:26)
A3 Feminine/Masculine (2:04)
A4 100 Percent Undetectable Hairpiece (1:33)
A5 Crime And Punishment (3:16)
A6 Jacques Causteau (1:02)
A7 Juergen's My Asthenia (0:39)
A8 Mysticism (2:13)
A9 The Borscht Belt (2:34)
A10 Our Heros (2:39)
A11 The National Anthem (3:07)
A12 Oil (0:51)
A13 On The Road (4:24)
B1 Test On This (4:18)
B2 Grafitti (0:52)
B3 No News News (Milton Lewis) (1:20)
B4 Wallowing In Watergate (6:36)
B5 Greed & Jeopardy (3:50)
B6 The Ted Mack Amateur Hour (2:12)
B7 In Praise Of The Harmonica (2:48)
B8 Obligatory Drug Bit: First Time Stoned (0:19)
B9 Mind Over Matter (4:32)
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