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Robert Klein
Child Of The Fifties

(LP) (Sonic Pressing)

Brut Records BRUT 6001

Rock Blues Non-Music
Comedy Parody
A1 Civil Defense (No Talking)
A2 Public School
A3 School Lunch
A4 The Sex Impulse
A5 "The Fabulous Fifties"
A6 Substitute Teacher
A7 Starting Your Car
A8 F.M. Disc Jockey
A9 New York City Animals
A10 All Night Groceries
A11 The Panhandler
A12 The Foreigner
B1 Public Service Commercials
B2 My LIttle Margie
B3 Commercials
B4 Our Gang
B5 Musical Instruments
B6 Athletics
B7 Words
B8 My Last Movie
B9 Childhood Myth
B10 "Middle Class Educated Blues"
B11 School Assembly
B12 James Abram Garfield
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