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Richard Band , Fibonaccis
TerrorVision (Original Soundtrack)

(LP) (Blue)

We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records WRWTFWW046LTD

Electronic Rock Stage & Screen
Electro Pop Rock Soundtrack Score
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A1 Prelude (1:21)
A2 Satellite To Medusa (1:27)
A3 God Dang Burglar (4:44)
A4 Bye Gramps & TV (2:24)
A5 Locked In To Medusa (2:33)
A6 Medusa & Bye Bye Spiro (3:55)
A7 Gramps in Bed & OD Chased (3:24)
A8 Sherman Fights Back (5:16)
B1 Pluthar Arrives (1:50)
B2 Pluthar Dies &...Good Morning (3:05)
B3 TerrorVision (3:41)
B4 The Friends Of Crime (2:45)
B5 Sack Of Suet Suite (3:00)
B6 Advice To A Mutant (2:47)
B7 He Can't Stop Laughing (2:45)
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