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Pye Corner Audio
Black Mill Tapes Volume 4:Dystopian Vectors


Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services FUR 054
Further Records FUR 054

Dark Ambient Rhythmic Noise Downtempo
A1 Transmission Five:The Old Place (1:37)
A2 Dystopian Vector Part One (5:55)
A3 Transmission Thirteen:Line Of Sight (1:05)
A4 Electronic Rhythm Number Nine (4:48)
A5 Theme Number Seven (3:24)
A6 Electronic Rhythm Number Two (3:35)
A7 Utopie (4:13)
B1 Electronic Rhythm Number Twelve (6:08)
B2 Transmission Nine:Black Light (2:55)
B3 Void Bound (5:04)
B4 Dystopian Vector Part Two (3:06)
B5 Evil Surrounds (4:49)
B6 Cont No Stop (3:10)
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