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Perfect Angels
Exit from the Ultra-World


Freestyle Records FSRLP145

A1 The Moat (2:22)
A2 All Love (2:52)
A3 Orchids Are Not Sold (2:17)
A4 The Meaning Of Love (3:08)
A5 The Informant (2:31)
A6 Una Palabra (2:54)
A7 Exit from the Ultra-World (3:05)
A8 You're So Alive (2:12)
B1 Sightseeing (2:17)
B2 Sweetheart (1:39)
B3 Fue Ayer (1:59)
B4 I'm Outbid (1:52)
B5 Lamb Of Shame (1:35)
B6 Touch of Touch (1:40)
B7 What Am I Gonna Do With You? (3:06)
B8 Angels Suffering (1:37)
B9 Two Minutes of the Year (3:04)
B10 No Better Pain (1:21)
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