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Ogeretsu Kun , Manami Matsumae , Yoshihiro Sakaguchi , And Takashi Tateishi
Mega Man II


Auris Apothecary AAX 142

Electronic Stage & Screen
Soundtrack Chiptune Video Game Music
A1 The Tallest Building
A2 Mega Man 2
A3 Stage Select
A4 Prepare For Battle
A5 Metal Man
A6 Bubble Man
A7 Heat Man
A8 Wood Man
A9 Air Man
A10 Crash Man
A11 Flash Man
A12 Quick Man
A13 Boss Battle
A14 Stage Clear
A15 Get Equipped With
A16 Wilys Castle
A17 Wily Stage 1
A18 Wily Stage 2
A19 Wilys Defeat
A20 The End
A21 Game Over
A22 Password
A23 Credits
B1 The Tallest Building
B2 Mega Man 2
B3 Stage Select
B4 Prepare For Battle
B5 Metal Man
B6 Bubble Man
B7 Heat Man
B8 Wood Man
B9 Air Man
B10 Crash Man
B11 Flash Man
B12 Quick Man
B13 Boss Battle
B14 Stage Clear
B15 Get Equipped With
B16 Wilys Castle
B17 Wily Stage 1
B18 Wily Stage 2
B19 Wilys Defeat
B20 The End
B21 Game Over
B22 Password
B23 Credits
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