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London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984-1993, Vol. 1

(LP) (Clear)

Death Is Not The End DEATH039LP

A1 Intro (Do You Remember)
A2 Videobox
A3 Pirates Night Out
A4 Ravers Dateline
A5 Walls Of Babylon
A6 Absolute Class
A7 Limelight
A8 Freestyle
A9 Funky Power
A10 Functioning Neatly
A11 Greek Salon
A12 School Reunion
A13 Under 18s Disco
A14 A1 Sound
A15 Summertime '90
A16 Back To Back Mixtapes
A17 Rare Groove Champagne Party
A18 Savage Affair
A19 Are You Sure?
A20 Ladies Sunday Night Affair
B1 Hello Ladies
B2 British Flag
B3 Any Kind Of Function
B4 Trade Equip
B5 I'll Buy You A Beer
B6 Lex's Birthday
B7 Yeah Amigo
B8 Next To Tescos
B9 City Of Joy
B10 Amsterdam
B11 Roller Skating
B12 Too Radical
B13 Escape '93
B14 Corporation Of New Generation
B15 Jookie Jam
B16 Revival Showcase
B17 Until Further Notice
B18 High Fashion
B19 Damn Best Night Out
B20 Lepke Sent You
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