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Mr. Oizo
All Wet


Because Music BEC5156714
Ed Banger Records EDLP2016-3

Abstract Nu-Disco House
LP-A1 Ok Then (2:02)
LP-A2 Sea Horses (2:37)
LP-A3 Freezing Out (2:44)
LP-A4 Oiseaux (1:16)
LP-B1 Ruhe (2:40)
LP-B2 No Tony (1:28)
LP-B3 End Of The World (3:39)
LP-B4 The One You Buy (1:13)
LP-C1 All Wet (3:12)
LP-C2 Chairs (2:32)
LP-C3 Your Liver (2:04)
LP-D1 Hand In The Fire (Album Version) (3:11)
LP-D2 Low Ink (2:03)
LP-D3 Goulag Drums (2:43)
LP-D4 Useless (1:07)
CD-01 Ok Then (2:02)
CD-02 Sea Horses (2:37)
CD-03 Freezing Out (2:44)
CD-04 Oiseaux (1:16)
CD-05 Ruhe (2:40)
CD-06 No Tony (1:28)
CD-07 End Of The World (3:39)
CD-08 The One You Buy (1:13)
CD-09 All Wet (3:12)
CD-10 Chairs (2:32)
CD-11 Your Liver (2:04)
CD-12 Hand In The Fire (Album Version) (3:11)
CD-13 Low Ink (2:03)
CD-14 Goulag Drums (2:43)
CD-15 Useless (1:07)
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