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Mother Earth
The Complete Recordings 1968-1970


Wounded Bird Records WOU 6010

Rock Blues Folk, World, & Country
Country Blues Blues Rock
1-1 Marvel Group
1-2 Mother Earth
1-3 I Did My Part
1-4 Living With The Animals
1-5 Down So Low
1-6 Cry On
1-7 It Won't Be Long
1-8 My Love Will Never Die
1-9 Goodnight Nelda Grebe, The Telephone Company Has Cut Us Off
1-10 The Kingdom Of Heaven (Is Within You)
1-11 Stop The Train
1-12 What Are You Trying To Do
1-13 I Need Your Love So Bad
1-14 Soul Of The Man
1-15 Blues For The Road
2-1 You Win Again
2-2 Come On And See
2-3 Then I'll Be Moving On
2-4 I, The Fly
2-5 I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
2-6 Wait, Wait, Wait
2-7 Satisfied
2-8 Groovy Way
2-9 Get Out Of Here
2-10 Ruler Of My Heart
2-11 Andy's Song
2-12 Take Me In Your Arms, Rock Me A LIttle While
2-13 You Won't Be Passing Here No More
2-14 This Feeling
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