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MF Doom

(LP+LP) (Green+Pink)

Rhymesayers Entertainment RSE0084-1

Hip Hop
A1 Beef Rapp (4:39)
A2 Hoe Cakes (3:54)
A3 Potholderz (3:20)
B4 One Beer (4:18)
B5 Deep Fried Frenz (4:59)
B6 Poo-Putt Platter (1:13)
B7 Fillet-O-Rapper (1:03)
B8 Gumbo (0:49)
C9 Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate (3:19)
C10 Kon Karne (2:51)
C11 Guinnesses (4:41)
D12 Kon Queso (4:00)
D13 Rapp Snitch Knishes (2:52)
D14 Vomitspit (2:48)
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