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Peoples Potential Unlimited PPU-082
Peoples Potential Unlimited PPU-082-LP

Electronic Funk / Soul
Funk Soul Boogie Synth-pop
A1 Dreamboy [Reserva-9th Version] (5:10)
A2 I Don't Have To Cry [Original 82/15] (6:14)
A3 Emotion [First English Tune] (3:55)
A4 Dream A Little Dream [Feat. Jonnyboy] (3:54)
A5 Living Love [Demo] (1:42)
B1 Wild Men [Video Version] (4:22)
B2 Maskeraad [Instr. Commercial Beat] (2:25)
B3 One Who Cares [Original 82/14] (6:22)
B4 New Day [Added A Guitar] (2:41)
B5 Dreamboy Demo [1st Version] (3:33)
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