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Mano Negra
King Of Bongo

(LP+CD) (Gatefold)

Because Music BEC5543321

Rock Reggae Latin Pop
Folk Rock Ska Punk Alternative Rock Dub Rock & Roll Pachanga Chanson
A1 Bring The Fire (3:27)
A2 King Of Bongo (3:38)
A3 Don't Want You No More (3:07)
A4 Le Bruit Du Frigo (3:10)
A5 Letter To The Censors (2:30)
A6 El Jako (2:48)
A7 It's My Heart (1:42)
B1 Mad Man's Dead (2:43)
B2 Out Of Time Man (3:25)
B3 Madame Oscar (2:37)
B4 Welcome In Occident (4:20)
B5 Furious Fiesta (1:26)
B6 The Fool (2:49)
B7 Paris La Nuit (3:20)
CD-1 Bring The Fire (3:27)
CD-2 King Of Bongo (3:38)
CD-3 Don't Want You No More (3:07)
CD-4 Le Bruit Du Frigo (3:10)
CD-5 Letter To The Censors (2:30)
CD-6 El Jako (2:48)
CD-7 It's My Heart (1:42)
CD-8 Mad Man's Dead (2:43)
CD-9 Out Of Time Man (3:25)
CD-10 Madame Oscar (2:37)
CD-11 Welcome In Occident (4:20)
CD-12 Furious Fiesta (1:26)
CD-13 The Fool (2:49)
CD-14 Paris La Nuit (3:20)
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