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Les Abranis
Amazigh Freedom Rock 1973 ✷ 1983


Les Disques Bongo Joe BJR020

Electronic Rock Reggae Funk / Soul Folk, World, & Country
African Disco Funk Prog Rock Psychedelic Rock
A1 Athedjaladde (45th OASIS 11102, 1973)
A2 Chenar Le Blues (Les Abranis, 1977)
A3 Akoudar (Album Nº1, 1983)
A4 Avehri (Album Nº1, 1983)
A5 Id Ed Was (Album Nº1, 1983)
B1 Ayetheri A L'Afjare (45th OASIS 11102, 1973)
B2 Therrza Rathwenza (Amekhssa Dh'Yizem, 1981)
B3 Achethkhii (Album Nº1, 1983)
B4 Thilelli (Amekhssa Dh'Yizem, 1981)
B5 El Guoum Agui (Imeté Tayrri, 1978)
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