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Lee Hazlewood


Light In The Attic LITA142-DLX-1

Rock Pop Folk, World, & Country
Folk Rock Pop Rock
A1 You Look Like A Lady (2:10)
A2 Tulsa Sunday (2:17)
A3 Ten Or Eleven Towns Ago (2:37)
A4 Toocie And The River (4:38)
A5 She Comes Running (2:32)
A6 Rosacoke Street (2:47)
B1 I Move Around (2:28)
B2 And I Loved You Then (3:35)
B3 Hej, Me I'm Riding (1:59)
B4 Cold Hard Times (Outtake) (2:25)
B5 Drums (Outtake) (2:47)
B6 The Start (Demo) (2:53)
B7 Suzie (Demo) (2:41)
C1 You Look Like A Lady (demo) (1:58)
C2 Tulsa Sunday (demo) (3:14)
C3 Ten or 11 Towns Ago (demo) (2:21)
C4 Toocee and the River (demo) (3:01)
C5 And I Loved Her Then (demo) (3:09)
C6 I'm Riding (demo) (2:28)
C7 Cold Hard Times (demo) (2:08)
C8 Miracle on 19th Street (demo) (2:03)
C9 Peppermint Morning (demo) (2:21)
D1 You Look Like A Lady - Larry Marks (2:06)
D2 Tulsa Sunday - Larry Marks (2:19)
D3 Ten or 11 Towns Ago - Larry Marks (2:33)
D4 She Comes Running - Larry Marks (2:27)
D5 Rosacoke Street - Larry Marks (2:21)
D6 I Move Around - Larry Marks (2:39)
D7 And I Loved You Then - Larry Marks (3:20)
D8 Hej, Me I'm Riding - Larry Marks (1:56)
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