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Laurie Spiegel
Unseen Worlds


Unseen Worlds UW22

Ambient New Age
A1 Three Sonic Spaces I (1:36)
A2 Three Sonic Spaces II (3:22)
A3 Three Sonic Spaces III (5:54)
B1 Finding Voice (2:46)
B2 The Hollows (4:52)
B3 Two Archetypes I - Hall of Mirrors (5:54)
B4 Two Archetypes II - Hurricane's Eye (3:35)
C1 Sound Zones (8:08)
C2 Riding the Storm (4:29)
C3 Strand of Life ("Viroid") (1:29)
C4 From a Harmonic Algorithm (2:55)
D1 Passage (14:03)
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