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Laurie Spiegel
The Expanding Universe


Unseen Worlds UW19LP
Unseen Worlds UW 19
Unseen Worlds UW19

Ambient New Age
A1 Patchwork (9:45)
A2 Old Wave (6:52)
A3 Pentachrome (7:17)
A4 A Folk Study (2:02)
B1 The Expanding Universe (28:29)
C1 The Orient Express (10:02)
C2 Clockworks (5:22)
C3 Drums (7:09)
D1 Appalachian Grove I (5:22)
D2 Appalachian Grove II (7:56)
D3 Appalachian Grove III (3:14)
E1 The East River Dawn (14:16)
E2 The Unquestioned Answer (6:30)
F1 Wandering In Our Times (11:44)
F2 Kepler's Harmony Of The Worlds (10:40)
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