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King Ende Shneafliet
Dimension Mix 01


Artificial Dance AD004
Trumpett TRUM 1008

Synth-pop Experimental
A1 Introduction (0:49)
A2 Champagne (2:54)
A3 I Came To Dance With The Bride (1:53)
A4 Lauda (2:56)
A5 Herbie's Delight (3:12)
A6 Revolution Moleculaire (2:49)
B1 Classical Reverb (0:22)
B2 Echo Trip (2:20)
B3 Intelmezzo (0:30)
B4 La Femme Du Tigre (3:21)
B5 What's Wrong? (4:33)
B6 Drei Männer Im Shnea (2:09)
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