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Këkht Aräkh
Night & Love

(LP) (Metallic Silver)

Sacred Bones Records SBR-3039

Black Metal
A1 As The Night Falls... (0:57)
A2 Elegy For The Memory Of Me (3:34)
A3 Den Venstre Hånd På Den Høyre (2:26)
A4 Night (4:50)
A5 Her Body Strewn With Petals Black (4:09)
A6 Primal Beauty Of Silence (2:14)
A7 As The Wounds Gently Bleed (3:49)
B1 Love (5:13)
B2 Down To The Depths Of Inner Cold (2:50)
B3 Mysteriet Med Svartfiolett (1:24)
B4 Through Night Which Knows No Dawn (4:10)
B5 Forever Night Castle Of Love (3:43)
B6 ...And Never Ends (Eternal Love) (2:06)
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