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The Coming of Gaze


Hakuna Kulala HK046

A1 Andnowawordfromoursponsors (2:36)
A2 A Song About Joy and Sadness (2:18)
A3 Bully Me (2:31)
A4 Lift your Spirit (3:13)
A5 Arthmetical Error (2:50)
A6 Caracas (2:41)
A7 Had Lini (2:11)
B1 Dichotomous Key (3:06)
B2 Unidentified Sock Holes (2:46)
B3 Intolerance (3:30)
B4 Karachi (3:01)
B5 Potassium (3:28)
B6 Ramen Noodles (2:56)
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