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Jay Glass Dubs


Berceuse Heroique BH065

Ambient Dub Leftfield Trip Hop
S1 One Hundred Seven (4:27)
S2 Apple, Sliced (4:20)
S3 Shape (3:13)
S4 Our Reversed Uniforms (3:01)
O1 The Wrong Frame (3:57)
O2 Dots On Nails (3:42)
O3 How Glass Bred (3:56)
O4 Your Raps (4:00)
M1 A Mammoth Cloud (3:54)
M2 Wagon Prophet (5:26)
M3 Now Set Up (4:14)
A1 Barked (8:27)
A2 Suffix Harness (4:08)
A3 Invar (2:43)
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