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Jammin' Sam Miller
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble OST Recreated

(2xLP) (Blue Marble)

Musique Pour La Danse MPD 042

Stage & Screen
Video Game Music Soundtrack
A1 Dixie Beat
A2 Crazy Calypso
A3 Northern Kremisphere
A4 Wrinkly's Save Cave
A5 Hangin' At Funky's
A6 Crystal Chasm
A7 Submap Shuffle
A8 Stilt Village
A9 Bonus Time!
A10 Mill Fever
B1 Frosty Folics
B2 Brother Bear
B3 Swanky's Sideshow
B4 Cranky's Showdown
B5 Boss Boogie
B6 Treetop Tumble
B7 Wrinkly 64
B8 Hot Pursuit
B9 Enchanted Riverbank
C1 Brothers Bear Blues
C2 Water World
C3 Cascade Capers
C4 Get Fit Agogo
C5 Nuts And Bolts
C6 Pokey Pipes
C7 Rockface Rumble
C8 Cavern Caprice
C9 Jungle Jitter
D1 Big Boss Blues
D2 Game Over
D3 Baddies On Parade
D4 Krematoa Koncerto
D5 Rocket Run
D6 Mama Bird
D7 Chase
D8 Jangle Bells
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