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J.J. Cale
Closer To You

(LP+CD) (180gr)

Because Music BEC5543433
Because Music BEC5543432

Classic Rock
A1 Long Way Home (2:50)
A2 Sho-Biz Blues (3:39)
A3 Slower Baby (5:00)
A4 Devil's Nurse (3:45)
A5 Like You Used To (3:02)
A6 Borrowed Time (4:13)
B1 Rose In The Garden (3:00)
B2 Brown Dirt (3:26)
B3 Hard Love (4:18)
B4 Ain't Love Funny (2:43)
B5 Closer To You (2:46)
B6 Steve's Song (4:02)
CD-1 Long Way Home (2:50)
CD-2 Sho-Biz Blues (3:39)
CD-3 Slower Baby (5:00)
CD-4 Devil's Nurse (3:45)
CD-5 Lie You Used To (3:02)
CD-6 Borrowed Time (4:13)
CD-7 Rose In The Garden (3:00)
CD-8 Brown Dirt (3:26)
CD-9 Hard Love (4:18)
CD-10 Ain't Love Funny (2:43)
CD-11 Closer To You (2:46)
CD-12 Steve's Song (4:02)
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