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Mille Plateaux

Ibrahim Alfa Jnr* - Messier87 (2x12")

Ibrahim Alfa Jnr* - Messier87 (2x12")

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Ibrahim Alfa Jnr* - Messier87 

Label: Mille Plateaux - MP46

Released: 2022

Genre: Electronic

Style: Experimental, Drum n Bass, Techno, Electro, UK Garage, Noise

Format: 2 x Vinyl, 12", Album


A1. Tqsm
A2. Veum
B1. Npnx
B2. Mgun
C1. Zwne
C2. Zqqn
C3. Ykts
D1. Lsyy
D2. Dsxn
D3. Yiox

Product Review:

Ibrahim Alfa Jnr's latest album Messier87 is a thrilling exploration of the cutting edge of electronic music. Released via Mille Plateaux, this double vinyl release is a powerful statement that highlights Ibrahim's impressive skill at combining experimental sounds with drum n bass, techno, electro and UK garage.

The album opens with Tqsm, an arresting blend of noise and beats that immediately sets the tone for the rest of Messier87. Veum follows up with its infectious rhythms and cinematic soundscapes while Npnx brings a more upbeat energy to the mix. Tracks such as Mgun continue to explore Ibrahim's unique sonic palette while Zwne brings some welcome respite from the relentless intensity elsewhere on the record.

Lsyy closes out Messier87 in style with its haunting sound design and captivating atmosphere. It marks another impressive release from Ibrahim Alfa Jnr who has been pushing boundaries since his debut release on Mille Plateaux back in 2020 - highlighting his ability to craft exciting new sounds from disparate influences across multiple genres.

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