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Hanni El Khatib
Savage Times (The Complete Collection Vol. 1-5)


Because Music BEC5156779

Alternative Rock Garage Rock
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A1 Baby's Ok
A2 Gonna Die Alone
A3 Born Brown
A4 Paralyzed
A5 Miracle
B1 Mangos And Rice
B2 Come Down
B3 No Way
B4 Mondo And His Makeup
B5 Gun Clap Hero
C1 Black Constellation
C2 So Dusty
C3 Till Your Rose Comes Home
C4 Hold Me Back
C5 Savage Times
Bonus Tracks
D1 1 AM
D2 Peep Show
D3 This I Know
D4 Freak Freely
CD-1 Baby's Ok (2:25)
CD-2 Gonna Die Alone (3:19)
CD-3 Born Brown (1:55)
CD-4 Parallyzed (3:12)
CD-5 Miracle (3:03)
CD-6 Mangos And Rice (2:57)
CD-7 Come Down (2:45)
CD-8 No Way (3:37)
CD-9 Mondo And His Makeup (2:37)
CD-10 Gun Clap Hero (4:26)
CD-11 Black Constellation (3:32)
CD-12 So Dusty (3:25)
CD-13 Till Your Rose Comes Home (2:34)
CD-14 Hold Me Back (3:49)
CD-15 Savage Times (3:16)
Bonus Tracks
CD-16 1AM (2:08)
CD-17 Peep Show (2:47)
CD-18 This I Know (2:37)
CD-19 Freaky Freely (5:23)
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