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Weather Or Not

(2xLP) (Blue)

Rhymesayers Entertainment RSE250-1

Hip Hop
Boom Bap
A1 The Factory (2:58)
A2 Throw It All Away (2:57)
A3 Powder Cocaine (2:56)
A4 Jim Dean (4:03)
B1 Weather Or Not (4:05)
B2 Moving Too Fast (1:32)
B3 Runners (3:27)
B4 Bad Publicity (4:18)
C1 Rain Drops (3:16)
C2 Sell Me This Pen (3:54)
C3 Love Is A Funny Thing (4:46)
C4 10,000 Hours (2:52)
D1 What I Need (3:55)
D2 To Make A Long Story Longer (4:13)
D3 Wonderful World (3:35)
D4 By My Side Too (2:44)
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