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ELpH vs Coil
Worship The Glitch

(2xLP) (Blue)

Dais Records DAIS 115

Ambient Experimental Darkwave Glitch
A1 Dark Start (4:11)
A2 Opium Hum (2:38)
A3 Caged Birds (2:07)
A4 The Halliwell Hammers I (2:05)
A5 Clorax Hurd (2:59)
B1 The Halliwell Hammers II (3:43)
B2 We Have Always Been Here (6:11)
B3 Manunkind (1:20)
C1 Bism (4:59)
C2 Hydlepark (6:01)
C3 Hysteron Proteron Jewel (2:17)
D1 Decadent & Symmetrical (1:52)
D2 Mono (5:27)
D3 The Halliwell Hammers III (3:36)
D4 Anything That Flies (3:09)
D5 Ended (1:10)
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