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Dark Day
Darkest Before Dawn


Dark Entries DE-263

Dark Ambient Avantgarde
A1 Meadowlands
A2 Darker Days
A3 Shod With Boots Of Ether
A4 In Sickness And In Health (The Broken Vow)
A5 The Haunted Child (Wales Whales Wails)
A6 Lost In The Shuffle
B1 Giantess (The Old Ones Come Home)
B2 The Disappearance
B3 Wheel Whirl-Thing (Little Snails In The Big Wood)
B4 Equestrian (The Trojan Horse)
B5 Pedestrian (Heads Will Roll)
B6 Rise To Fall (Finding The Fountain Of Youth)
B7 Heroine (Coronation Of The Queen Of The Cannibal Isles)
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