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Cult 48
Underground Signals From An Unknown Place


Furthur Electronix C48/FE 003
C48 C48/FE 003

IDM Techno Ambient Downtempo Experimental
A1 Agfa Qi (4:59)
A2 Other Side Of The Coin (4:49)
A3 Orange Moss 89 (3:24)
B1 Glass In The Grass (5:11)
B2 Nothing Is Lost Now (3:25)
B3 Inqui (6:19)
C1 Zenith (3:27)
C2 The Relief Of Shade And Shadow (4:32)
C3 Defang (4:05)
D1 Proxima Centauri B (3:15)
D2 Pelican Ridge (3:08)
D3 Hidden Intentions (4:04)
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