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Exoferric / Latent Acid


Further Records FUR061

A1 CHXFX – Ecocide
A2 CHXFX – Sounds Collapsing Glacial Structures
A3 CHXFX – Condor Dive
A4 CHXFX – Cavity Air Darts
A5 CHXFX – Format Migration
B1 CHXFX – Turquatic Lieven Beams
B2 CHXFX – Geofizologicz
B3 CHXFX – Deepsea Thrasher
B4 CHXFX – Magnetic Clockrind
B5 CHXFX – Heat Drip
B6 CHXFX – Sasquatch Shit
B7 CHXFX – Palace Underseas
C1 PLKZFX – Ekz-Akron
C2 PLKZFX – Horikawa Scout
C3 PLKZFX – Metaflukz
C4 PLKZFX – Magnotron
C5 PLKZFX – Stratastation
C6 PLKZFX – North Super Jam I
D1 PLKZFX – Henshin Cyborg
D2 PLKZFX – Metaflux II
D3 PLKZFX – Acroyear
D4 PLKZFX – Yuusha Raideen
D5 PLKZFX – North Super Jam II
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