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Dream Backwards

(Box Set+LP+LP+LP)

Numero Group 219

Indie Rock Slowcore Math Rock
A1 Passing
A2 Ten Degrees Arc
A3 Bats
A4 A Stand Still
B1 Glass Walls
B2 Morning
B3 Fox And The Hound
B4 In Glory, In Wire
B5 Daylight Savings
C1 Meridian (7:41)
C2 Land Meets Sea (5:21)
C3 In Tow (5:02)
D1 Deep Green (7:44)
D2 Minnesota (5:44)
D3 Taste Of Metal (5:22)
D4 Heavy Light (3:30)
E1 Cah
E2 Rinse
E3 Soft
E4 Ocean Pacific
F1 Saving Daylight
F2 Shorty
F3 Bats (All Saints Remix By Salaryman)
F4 Passing (7" Version)
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