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Bronski Beat
The Age Of Consent

(LP+CD+CD) (Transparent Pink)

London Records LMS5521225

Electronic Pop
Synth-pop Disco
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A1 Why?
A2 It Ain't Necessarily So
A3 Screaming
A4 No More War
A5 Love And Money
B1 Smalltown Boy
B2 Heatwave
B3 Junk
B4 Need-A-Man Blues
B5 I Feel Love / Johnny Remember Me
CD1-1 Why? (4:04)
CD1-2 It Ain't Necessarily So (4:44)
CD1-3 Screaming (4:17)
CD1-4 No More War (4:01)
CD1-5 Love And Money (5:10)
CD1-6 Smalltown Boy (5:04)
CD1-7 Heatwave (2:41)
CD1-8 Junk (4:19)
CD1-9 Need-A-Man Blues (4:21)
CD1-10 I Feel Love / Johnny Remember Me (6:09)
CD1-11 Why? (12” Version) (7:47)
CD1-12 Smalltown Boy (12” Version) (9:05)
CD1-13 It Ain't Necessarily So (12” Version) (5:23)
CD1-14 I Feel Love / Johnny Remember Me (12” Version) (10:41)
CD2-1 It Ain't Necessarily So (Kid Jenson BBC Session) (2:25)
CD2-2 Memories (Kid Jenson BBC Session) (2:38)
CD2-3 Crazy Maraquitta (Kid Jenson BBC Session) (2:37)
CD2-4 Why? (Kid Jenson BBC Session) (3:06)
CD2-5 No More War (Demo) (4:14)
CD2-6 Up And Down (Instrumental Demo) (3:45)
CD2-7 Heatwave (Demo) (2:54)
CD2-8 Ultra Clone (Instrumental Demo) (2:53)
CD2-9 Junk (Demo) (5:16)
CD2-10 The Other Side Of The Tracks (Demo) (3:45)
CD2-11 I Feel Love / Johnny Remember Me (Rough Mix) (5:49)
CD2-12 Smalltown Boy (Reprise 2014) (2:48)
CD2-13 Why? (Live At Stella Polaris) (5:12)
CD2-14 Smalltown Boy (Arnaud Rebotini Remix) (5:39)
CD2-15 Why? (Wax Wings Remix) (5:33)
CD2-16 Smalltown Boy (KDA Pink Triangle Remix) (7:33)
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