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Film FILM LP003

IDM Techno Experimental Ambient
A1 9 Kurrytee [MIDI_2_CV] (5:04)
A2 Smit (4:08)
A3 Day Aft8r [The_Greyz] (3:05)
B1 Poly_Ana Summers [Schoolyard Surph Beat] (4:13)
B2 Carniblurr.Lane 6 (4:25)
B3 Mixolydian Transition 18 (3:55)
C1 Kurzweil Dame (2:18)
C2 43 Bouhed Trot (2:49)
C3 [Take1] (5:32)
C4 Triangulate Dither [Night More Sleepy Version] (3:25)
D1 Frikandel [The End Bit] (2:05)
D2 Yamaha Hills [Edit∞] (5:16)
D3 ΔLate Hither [Ma8ema8mati7s Afsxissor Nap Version] (6:45)
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