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Aselefech Ashine And Getenesh Kebret With Army Band
ሸ​ገ​ኔ​ዎ​ች = Beauties


Domino Sound DS-044
Mississippi Records MLP-202

Jazz Funk / Soul Folk, World, & Country
A1 Ene Yalant Feker = Without Your Love
A2 Meche Neow = When Will It Be
A3 Kenawtte = Wanderer
A4 Anlak Abet Abet = Lord, I Plead
A5 Amerewal Shegenuo = Beautifully Restive
A6 Lametew = Laboring
B1 Wegenne = Kinfolk
B2 Yenafaktiwou Tersseh = Your Desirous Smile
B3 Ayinouma = Bright-eyed
B4 Jegenaw Belaye = Patriot Belay
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