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Andrzej Marko / Andre Mikola
Fly Me To The Sun


Be With Records BEWITH116LP
Coloursound Library CS38

Electronic Pop
Future Jazz Electro Synth-pop Ambient
A1 Andrzej Marko – Dhamma (3:33)
A2 Andre Mikola – Circulation (3:30)
A3 Andrzej Marko – Magic Scenery (5:12)
A4 Andre Mikola – Longing For Tomorrow (3:35)
A5 Andre Mikola – Nocturnal Flowers (3:39)
B1 Andre Mikola – Fly Me To The Sun (3:46)
B2 Andre Mikola – Birth Of A Butterfly (3:44)
B3 Andre Mikola – Riding On A Sunbeam (3:52)
B4 Andre Mikola – Osmosis (4:33)
B5 Andre Mikola – Solar Heating (3:36)
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