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Club Salon Theatre


Music From Memory MFM 064

Ambient Dub Experimental Modal Musique Concrète
A0 Preface, Bonjour
A1 (Shhhht) Introduction
A2 Wyatt Revolt
A3 Or,
A4 Autonomia
A5 Ah Balbec!
A6 Obessions. Etoiles. Neurones
A7 Giant Steps (Alternate Take)
A8 Bcp de Bruit Pr Rien (Si Jav Sus)
A9 Pensees
A10 Equipments (Guattarix Mix)
A11 Clou, Vis
A12 Moment's Notice (Part 1)
B1 Moment's Notice (Part 2)
B2 Judso Danc Theate
B3 Club Geography
B4 Original J Dub
B5 Djs, Argen, Capital, Plus-Valuxe
B6 Subversion, Seduction
B7 Histoires Sans Livres
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