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Alva Noto


Noton N-064

Electronic Classical Stage & Screen
Minimal Experimental Ambient Modern Classical Score
A1 HYbr:ID Noh Talk
A2 HYbr:ID Sync Dark
A3 HYbr:ID Noh Human
B1 HYbr:ID Sync Inter
B2 HYbr:ID Collective Open
B3 HYbr:ID Obsessive Behaviour Day
B4 HYbr:ID Obsessive Behaviour Night
C1 HYbr:ID Para Contamination
C2 HYbr:ID Script Solitude
C3 HYbr:ID Script Sacre Drone
D1 HYbr:ID Script Broken Conversation
D2 HYbr:ID Rehuman
D3 HYbr:ID Épilogue
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